Arizona Mesquite Nativity Sealed with Haws Beeswax Wood Sealer

Arizona Mesquite Nativity Sealed with Haws Beeswax Wood Sealer

Set of 4 Christmas Nativity.


100% Arizona Mesquite. Grown. Cut. Milled and Made right here in AZ by our family!


Each unique in color, texture and exact size. 


Only 168 will be made. :) 


Each Stable has a live edge. Details on all other items are not guaranteed. I CAN guarantee that they are all beathtaking, handmade creations inspire by the life of Jesus Christ.


We feel that the unrefined look is a reflection of the humble beginings of the Christ-Child. We love him, we follow him and we invite others to follow him.


Sealed with Haws Bees Non-Toxic All-Natural Beeswax Wood Rub.


Dimentions (LxHXD): 

(all dimentions are an approximation as each piece varies slightly in size)


Small: 6"x 6"x 4"

Medium: 8" x 6" x 6"


Send us a message to inqure about our custom large size ($1200+)


(Also, you're in luck. I don't want to download the widget to sort out which of our products have sales tax and which ones don't, just for this one seasonal item so tax is included in the price. Keep in mind this does not apply to the fall/winter markets we sell at- only the online shop).


We can't wait for this to become a timeless long-lasting piece of your holiday traditions, as making them fo you had become for us.


Love the Haws Family.




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