Almond 100% Raw Honey

Almond 100% Raw Honey


Almond 100% Raw Honey, with Zero Sugars added.  Our Honey is always stored in BPA-Free glass jars (never plastic).


Color: Smooth carmel-y hues with hints of red in the light.


Flavor: Trent says "Bold" Alyssa says "It could replace Maple Syrup well". Use this honey on pancakes or to sweeten oatmeal. Drizzle it over some cornflakes with crushed almonds on top. Apparently this is a breakfast honey haha... Or maybe I'm just hungry for breakfast right now.


Instructions for crystalized honey:

Honey crystalizes naturally overtime and is a sign of quality, pure honey.  To preserve the quality of raw honey we suggest against microwaving honey to soften crystals.  Instead we suggest a bowl filled with warm water to soak the jar in or if you need it in a hurry a double boiler on a low stove setting should keep the temperature low enough to not kill any of the benificial ingredients.

Preserve the naturally impressive shelf life of your honey by protecting the open jar from water. 

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